About Chase Pharmacy

Chase Pharmacy is conveniently located inside Byers General Store. Byers General Store and Chase Pharmacy are an Employee-Owned business. Here you will find one stop shopping for all your prescription drug, over-the-counter medicines, beauty products, and home health care products.

Wil Chase has owned Chase Pharmacy since 1968. Wil has been a Registered Pharmacist for 44 years. Wil earned his degree in Pharmacy at University of Colorado in 1960. Wil is active in professional organizations. He serves on the Regional Economic Development, and is a member of the Colorado Pharmacists Society and the National Community Pharmacists Association. In Byers, Wil is a member of both the American Legion and I-70 Chamber of Commerce. He also serves as advisor or board member of many professional and community organizations.

Most pharmacies take care of prescriptions. We take care of people!!!

Call us today and talk to our Pharmacists, Tom, Steve, Wil and Hilda. Our Pharmacy Technicians, Anna and Jaci, understand this as well! We’d be glad to compare the available programs. Bring in your new or transferred prescriptions today and see how we can save you money!

Health Information Privacy

Your Personal Health Information privacy is assured through the The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996.

Chase Pharmacy provides the following documents stating the usage of your health information and your rights.

Notice of Usage of Health Information

Request For Access To Health Information



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